The Daily DeX 07/22/2019: Climate Change And The Weathermen

"Is climate change on prestige television dramas really the issue? Over the last three days, heat indexes along the mid-Atlantic and northeast United States reached the 110s. These are Mad Max temperatures, yet not a single meteorologist I watched on tv over the last three days mentioned climate change."

The Daily DeX 07/08/2019: Diversity Needs To Go All The Way Down

"If diversity issues within the milieu of black producers, writers, and actors affect more than several dozen black people in tv and film I'd be shocked. The kind of diversity reflected in “The Black Characters I Wish I Saw More Of” is a function of different kinds of privilege and therefore doesn't go "all the way down" to regular black people whose lives look more like mine than they look like Donald Glover's or Ava Duvernay's."

The Daily DeX: News Notes And Quotes For 05/09/2019

"Why don’t we ever see someone with real power and influence getting arrested on Cops? Reality shows are never about reality. They’re always about reality as someone else wants it presented. However, I’m equally convinced reality shows are about reality as we want it presented. How easily do we assume that because an episode of Cops has obviously been edited that police interactions never violate a citizen’s rights? And if we didn’t assume this, would we even know violations if we saw them? What we want from shows like Cops are age-old, deeply ingrained, and rarely challenged depictions of criminality that assure us that whatever the police do on this tv show is right, proper, and the closest thing to a wall between order and disorder we can imagine."

The DeX-Files: A House Of Cards Collapses

"The opacity of Claire's inner life over the first five seasons of House Of Cards served a singular and focused purpose. It was a lens. Through it we understood the lure of power politics in virtually every Machiavellian aspect of life. We accepted seizing and wielding power in a republic as a talent for which the most well-adapted are also the most successful and therefore the most deserving. We also squirmed as this austere dharma made meritocracy self-justifying."

Anxiety Is The Engine Of Expression: Random Introductory Hashtags Re: What Project(De)X is About

#baltimore => Born and raised! If I died in Charm City I wouldn’t be surprised, but would be disappointed that I didn’t die in an orbiting space station.