The Daily DeX 09/19/2019: Joe Biden: Man Out Of Time And Culture War Casualty

"Unlike class politics, and because it privileges transforming social and ideological conditions rather than material conditions, identity politics has more easily transformed the way liberal Americans think than class politics could."

The Daily DeX: News Notes And Quotes For 05/09/2019

"Why don’t we ever see someone with real power and influence getting arrested on Cops? Reality shows are never about reality. They’re always about reality as someone else wants it presented. However, I’m equally convinced reality shows are about reality as we want it presented. How easily do we assume that because an episode of Cops has obviously been edited that police interactions never violate a citizen’s rights? And if we didn’t assume this, would we even know violations if we saw them? What we want from shows like Cops are age-old, deeply ingrained, and rarely challenged depictions of criminality that assure us that whatever the police do on this tv show is right, proper, and the closest thing to a wall between order and disorder we can imagine."

Project LinX 10/01/2018 — Wheels Within Wheels

Today: Low productivity, trade war, no money control, Hume this!, YubiKey, Neoliberalism is dying, benefits torch wages, Mises!, curse you Western philosophy!, and a child abuse contrarian. Come get some.

The DeX Files: The Great Buyback Boom

"To have believed that the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 would deliver on the promises made by the President and every Republican Congressman or Senator who had a microphone shoved in his face was to believe that corporations would use their tax savings to invest in equipment and factories. That they would hire more workers. That as demand for goods and labor picked up wages would rise and the deficit would fall. To have believed what has been proven a fantasy was to reveal to your friends and neighbors that you had little grip on how late capitalism actually works."