The AXis 12/03/18

"We live in a strange time in which technical expertise and political animus are both in abundance. Indeed, both are distributed along ideological vectors in such a way that the weaknesses and failures of each are still considered acceptable to their affinity groups when compared their polar opposites."


The Geopolitics Of John Podesta’s Idiocy

A more “open-ended” narrative that political operatives and the media have a more difficult time managing is that the “Russia, WikiLeaks, and the Election of 2016” story is itself a small part of a larger narrative about America’s particular historical moment.

Playing For Empty Chairs (Notes On Trump Puppets, or “Trumpets”)

With so many traditional Republican voices taken down a notch or two because they could neither “evolve” towards Trumpism, nor make forceful and compelling arguments against it, Trump loyalists and surrogates like McEnany and Hughes are not only positioning themselves as chief cheerleaders should their candidate win, but also in the front row of Hillary haters should he lose.