Culture War Is A Force That Gives Us Meaning

How culture war works is obvious. It weaponizes beliefs. It’s about not thinking too much. It’s about staking claims on complex issues as if our own lived and immediate experiences were enough. Culture war doesn’t have or need a reading list. It can’t be complex. The simpler the better. Thus we’re all culture warriors because we’re all pissed off about something, and being pissed off now is its own kind of deep, unshakable truth.

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Trump’s Nixon Moment

Considering that he fashioned himself “the law and order candidate” in last year’s election, ran a textbook Southern Strategy, and has had close ties to Roger Stone for over 30 years, one could say that Trump has been tempting fate ever since November 8th.

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“Black Privilege” And The Twilight Of The Negro Whisperer

The Negro whisper benefits from convincing black people and reassuring white people that “the system” is running exactly as it should. That exceptional blacks did it on their own while poor and struggling blacks are where they are because of bad choices. Therefore, politics becomes essentially personal and entrepreneurial, the means by which we change individual behavior and thought to fit the logic of the marketplace. It’s not about changing how society is organized and distributes public goods.

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No One Really Gets It About WikiLeaks

“We can’t properly price secrecy until secrets are revealed. Until then we substitute a strange hybrid of fear, propaganda, faith, hope, and taxes for the price of national security, which has nothing to do with the real price of secrecy. Therefore, as a hedge against the risk of secrets that compromise our rights and citizenship, secrecy itself should at least be priced high for those who control it. And necessarily so because we can never really know just they know. This is the only real source of balance of power that the people have—assuming that there’s really such a thing as “the people” anymore.”

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Pied Piper Putin

The deeper one dives into 21st century advanced, multi-lateral conflict, the more a “chess vs. checkers player” narrative emerges from the optics of the Putin/Trump relationship.

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Meryl vs. MAGA

So perhaps it’s not Streep’s fault that she could’ve used her Golden Globes moment to tell America something about how wages have been stagnant for most American earners since the 70s, but didn’t.

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