The DeX-Files: The Truth About Conservatives And Libertarians

For libertarians the case against modern conservatism is that its free market values are incompatible with other traditionalist values based upon religious belief. For conservatives the case against libertarians is that no one wants to be a libertarian. Somewhere in this mix are people who call themselves “classical liberals,” meaning 1) John Stuart Mill would’ve recognized them as liberals in 1859 when On Liberty was published, which means we recognize them as libertarians now; or 2) they don’t want to be mixed up with the kind of libertarian who wants to get rid of driver’s licenses and legalize heroin.

“As with most libertarians, you aren’t really sure if Soave is a dolt (this would be the Any Rand wing), a political naif, or just a liberal Democrat who happens to believe in civil liberties. And, as with most libertarians, you find they are much more interested in being reasonable and finding consensus and reaching across the aisle than they are in actually doing anything. Here is a prime example. We have two completely outlandish allegations and one that an best be described as “sketchy.” One of the allegations, the sketchy one, has been disproven by information given to us by the complainant. This leaves two allegations that are totally without foundation. And yet, Soave wants to “take the L.” There is a word for people who don’t mind losing. They are called losers.”

“The Kavanaugh Nomination Shows Why You Don’t Want Any Libertarians On Your Side” | Red State | Steiff | 09/26/2018

Still, I love watching conservatives and libertarians beefing. It’s like watching Grandpa Simpson slap-fighting with Grandpa Munster.


IMAGE SOURCE: donald-trump-1547274_1920 (creative commons)

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