Project LinX 06/27/2018: Swingout Sister

Big league baseball is right at a moment where an elite pitcher's ability to add speed to a baseball is sublimely balanced by an elite batter's ability to pick up that ball’s spin and speed. That’s good for the game.

It Ain’t About Asians At Harvard

Despite facts and data, Edward Blum and a political network that Mother Jones calls the "dark money ATM of the conservative movement" push the idea that there are too many brown and and black (especially black) people on elite college campuses who are not worthy.

Project LinX 06/18/2018: You Can Yawn, Or You Can Scream

What are we left with when the backbone of modern American music (one of the few true gifts baby boomers will have bequeathed to us) breaks? Teenybopper love songs and mumble rap, that's what. Wither the old gods.

The DeX Files: The Thing About Robots

"We know right now that the pace of technological change itself is increasing. From this, it very likely follows that at some point automation and robots have to start replacing humans in most “algorithmic jobs,” those tasks (however complex) that proceed from one step to another, then start again after completion. The future isn’t just cashiers losing their jobs to the software. It’s financial analysts, too."

Barr And Bee

An assumption that’s supposed to raise a right-leaning culture warrior’s hackles is that because Roseanne Barr was fired by ABC, Samantha Bee should necessarily have been fired by TBS. Any serious analysis of this claim was unnecessary for those who bought into it. Clearly it’s a stupid non-argument.