The DeX Files 05/29/2018: News & Notes On The Great Buyback Boom

Firms investing more in capital than labor is evidence of low demand. Low demand saps productivity, which limits investment in new equipment and workers.


The Death Of Stuff

Cultural surplus has replaced cultural scarcity. In doing so, it’s also changed the calculus of how we define our inner lives. The shelf space I once devoted to books, magazines, CDs, records, DVDs, and comics is now disk space housing commodified memories. They’re always already at the click of a mouse, reminders that the death of stuff is the death of things we could throw away.

There’s A Policeman In My Head And He Must Be Shelby Steele (On Black Conservatives)

The black conservative agenda is a product. Black conservatives sell it by seeing the world through the eyes of predominantly white consumers and patrons. In that world racism is a bug, not a feature of American modernity.