Light Inside Their Eyes (What Stars Knows About What The Dead Know)

"What do the dead see in us? They have so much more to say about us than we could ever have to say about them. They think they're the real ones, not us. They think we’re cheap, mimeographed knockoffs. They sense us from eons away by our industrial ethics, chemical relationships, and combustible promises and think "In hoc signo vinces" like Templars knights as hordes of infidels descend upon them."

The High Cost Of Free Speech In A Postmodern Age

Goods and rights are regulated in completely different ways. Regulating rights as if they were goods—subjecting them to what looks like the market forces of supply and demand—can lead to suppressing or marginalizing them if enough people or interests (the market) are against them. In this way the postmodern position can transform into the neoliberal position with little slack. Free speech isn’t a right at all, but a commodity, its value rising and failing as the marketplace of ideas dictates. Our “incredulity towards metanarratives” is assuaged by how natural and right neoliberal frameworks seem.