Resisting Trump Is Fine, But We Should Also Resist The Democrat Smear Machine

Garbage mouth Neera Tanden of Think Regress is at it again, guarding the Democratic Party’s corporate neoliberal left flank while pretending to be a real progressive.


Here’s what Tanden is talking about:

All Gabbard is asking for are facts and evidence because 1) no one has convincingly explained why Bashar al-Assad would launch a chemical weapons attack while he’s actually winning against the “rebels”; and 2) it’s quite possible that no one knows for sure who has chemical weapons in Syria and who doesn’t.

She should be skeptical about deep state pronouncements without evidence to back it up. Because we’ve been here before.

Gabbard is one of the brightest stars the Democratic Party has, so corporatist puppets like Tanden and fauxgressives like Howard Dean have to smear her for the same reasons they went after Bernie Sanders: 1) they’re real progressives who aren’t beholden to big money donors; and 2) they offer a different vision of the future of leftist politics.

Tanden is exhibit B for why Democrats will gain little at best in 2018 and then get shellacked in 2020. Exhibit A is Hillary Clinton. She’s still talking about no-fly zones in Syria and misogyny as the reason why she lost the election, despite getting three million more votes than Trump. In true corporate-owned neoliberal fashion, she’s the kind of Democrat who wants it both ways.

Every time I think about registering as a Democrat, hypocrisy and cynicism is like this is like walking into a bathroom at a chili eating contest. I can’t hold my nose that long.


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