Set Adrift …


(RE: “Attrell ‘Prince Be’ Cordes, P.M. Dawn Rapper, Dead at 46” | Rolling Stone)

Visible light is only a tiny part of the electromagnetic spectrum. A huge part of that invisible real estate is occupied by cosmic rays, but only a small part of the history of hip hop is home to the truly cosmic.

Let’s be honest, what’s really the difference between 50 Cent and Ja Rule and The Game and any number of skipscaps and scallywags trying to rhyme these days? (Looking at you, Drake, if that is your real name.) It’s all just visible light.

But for however briefly, PM Dawn was cosmic rays, man. Don’t front–if you’ve read this far you know that song was the jam in ’91-’92. It was catchy and infectious. But like Arrested Development, De La Soul, and Digable, it also hinted somehow at a different, expanded idea of blackness outside of what was “visible” back then.

That was Prince Be’s contribution to our culture. So, RIP big brother. Set your troubles adrift on memory bliss.

The Five Foot Assassin is dead, too. So is my friend Sean Brooks. They shouldn’t be.

We die too much.


VIDEO SOURCE: Set Adrift On Memory Bliss – PM Dawn (HQ Audio) (YouTube)


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